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You can download the Farrukhabad District Map in PDF, PNG, JPG, WEBP, and many other formats. Farrukhabad district is a historical and culturally rich region located in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. The district is part of the Kanpur Division and has Fatehgarh as its district headquarters.

Farrukhabad is situated between Lat. 26° 46′ N & 27° 43′ N and Long. 79° 7′ E & 80° 2′ E, and is surrounded by Badaun and Shahjahanpur on the north, Hardoi District on the east, Kannauj District on the south, and Etah and Mainpuri districts on the west. The district is known for its fertile soil and is a leading producer of potatoes in India.

Farrukhabad district has a rich history that dates back to the Mahabharata era. The region rose to great prominence during the Gupta age and contributed significantly to its peace and prosperity.

The close of the 10th century AD was marked by the Muslim invasion of India, and the region was annexed by the Nanda Dynasty of Magadh around the middle of the fourth century BC.

The medieval history of Farrukhabad District states that after Sikandar Lodhi died in 1517, his son, Ibrahim, became emperor and reached Kannauj. As a result, several Afghan chiefs willingly joined, and Kannauj became a fief under the sovereignty of the Mughals.

The district was established as an independent principality in north India after the decay of the Mughal empire in 1707. The Marathas attacked Farrukhabad in 1769, and Shuja-ud-daula succeeded in expelling them in 1773.

The south Parganas of the district included all Farrukhabad south of Kali Nadi except Chibramau. From 1780 to 1785, a British resident was appointed in the district at Fatehgarh.

The freedom struggle of the country had a significant impact on the district, and the close of the 19th century saw the rise of the activities of the Arya Samaj in Farrukhabad and other towns.

Farrukhabad district has a total population of about 275,754, including Fatehgarh, with an average literacy rate of about 72%. The district is known for its rich culture, which emerged from the ancient Vedic Civilization.

People of all disciplines reside in harmony, keeping apart their caste, creed, and communal differences. The district is a mixture of rural and urban representation of Uttar Pradesh and has a decent cost of living.

The district is well-connected by roadways and has good localities, including Dhilawal, Gharam Pur, and Nangla Khairband. The popular places of interest located closer to Farrukhabad include Kannauj, Bithur, Naimisharanya, Kanpur, and Lucknow, which are located within 160 km from the center of Farrukhabad and can be easily reached from the city.

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