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You can download the Farrukhabad Geography Map in PDF, PNG, JPG, WEBP, and many other formats. Farrukhabad district lies in the northern region of Uttar Pradesh, forming part of the Kanpur Division.

It boasts a vibrant cultural heritage steeped in the Ganga-Jamuni tahzeeb, blending Hindu and Muslim customs, language, and traditions. Named after the Mughal Emperor Farrukhsiyar, it was established by Nawab Mohammad Khan Bangash in 1714.

Geographically, Farrukhabad district spans between Latitudes 26° 46′ N & 27° 43′ N and Longitudes 79° 7′ E & 80° 2′ E. Bordered by Badaun and Shahjahanpur to the north, Hardoi to the east, Kannauj to the south, and Etah and Mainpuri to the west, its terrain is predominantly flat, interspersed with gentle undulations and river valleys.

The highest point reaches 167m above sea level at Mohammadabad, while the lowest lies at 145.69 m in Mau Rasulpur within Tehsil Farrukhabad.

Farrukhabad district boasts an array of local attractions, including the historic fort from which it derives its name, the renowned gun carriage factory established in 1818, and the Fatehgarh cantonment area, serving as the headquarters of the Rajput Regiment stationed at the fort. Rich in historical significance, the district also features numerous temples, mosques, and religious sites.

The district’s lifestyle reflects a blend of urban and rural elements with a touch of cosmopolitan flair. Traditional attire for women typically comprises sarees or salwar, while men often don shirts, trousers, or dhoti-kurtas.

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