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Amroha is a city in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India, located northwest of Moradabad, near the Ganga River. It serves as the administrative headquarters of the Amroha district.

The city is divided into localities and blocks, and its climate is similar to other districts in Western Uttar Pradesh. As of the 2011 census, Amroha had a population of 198,471.

Amroha has a rich history, with various important places of interest. Some of the notable sites include:

  • Vasudev Mandir & Tulsi Park
  • Bayen ka Kuan
  • Nasiruddin Sahib ki Majaar
  • Dargah Bhure Shah Majaar
  • Shah Vilayat Sahib
  • Gajraula

The city is also known for its mangoes and fish, and it is said that General Sharafuddin, a local ruler, was presented with these delicacies by the local people, which led to the city being named Aam-Rohu, later known as Amroha.

Amroha has been a significant town since the early years of the eighteenth century, and it was a hereditary jagir held by the family of Sayyid Khwaja Ahmad Khan, Sadat-i-Amroha.

The Amrohi Syed, or Amrohi Sayyids, are a community of Sayyids historically settled in the town of Amroha. Many members of the community migrated to Pakistan after independence and settled in Karachi, Sindh.

The Amrohi Syeds are predominantly of the Shia sect and are divided among those who remained in India and those who emigrated to Pakistan.

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