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If you want to download the Arunachal Pradesh Hindi map in PDF, JPG, WEBP, PNG, and some other formats. You can easily download the Hindi map of Arunachal Pradesh state from here.

Arunachal Pradesh, situated in the eastern region of India, derives its name from the Sanskrit words “Arun” meaning “dawn” and “achal” meaning “land”, signifying that the sun rises first in the country from this land. The state shares borders with China to the north, Myanmar to the east, and Bhutan to the west. It spans an area of 83,743 square kilometers and has a higher population density compared to other Indian states.

On January 20, 1972, Arunachal Pradesh was granted independent political status as the Kenda Territory and was later declared as a state on February 20, 1987, after the Arunachal Pradesh State Bill was passed by Parliament in 1986. The state boasts of vast green forests, deep river valleys, and picturesque high plateaus. Its terrain primarily comprises mountains, with the Himalayan range running from north to south, dividing the state into five plateau rivers – Kameng, Subansiri, Siang, Lohit, and Tirap. These rivers, fed by Himalayan snow and numerous small and large tributaries, contribute to the state’s abundant natural resources.

Arunachal Pradesh experiences a unique climate distinct from the rest of the country. The lowlands and plateaus in the eastern parts, surrounded by dense forests, are hot and humid, while the high altitudes have an extremely cold climate.

Arunachal Pradesh hindi map helps you to know more in detail. You can save this map for later from here. Also, you can check the Arunachal Pradesh map and the Assam map here.


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