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Barabanki Geography Map - Summary

You can download the Barabanki geography map in PDF, PNG, JPEG, and many other formats. Barabanki District, located in Uttar Pradesh, occupies an area of approximately 3,891.5 square kilometers and is characterized by its flat terrain primarily consisting of fertile agricultural lands interspersed with groves.

The district is bounded by the following neighboring districts: Ayodhya in the east, Gonda and Bahraich in the northeast, Sitapur in the northwest, Lucknow in the west, Rae Bareli in the south, and Sultanpur in the southeast. The river Ghaghra forms the northern border, separating Barabanki from Bahraich and Gonda.

Topographically, the district can be divided into three main regions: Tarai, Gomti Par, and Har region. The Tarai region is in the northeast toward the river Ghaghra, while the Gomti Par region spans across the southern half of the district. The Har region is centered around the town of Har.

The climate in Barabanki is typical of the Indo-Gangetic Plain, experiencing hot to very hot summers, cold to quite cold winters, and humidity levels that range from moderate to very high during monsoon seasons. Rainfall generally occurs from June to September.

Soil composition in the district is predominantly alluvial, derived from the nearby rivers such as Ghaghra, Gomti, and Kalyani. These rivers provide significant water resources for agriculture, although they sometimes cause flooding during heavy monsoons.

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