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You can download Bareilly Geography Map in PDF, PNG, JPG, and many other formats. Situated amidst the lush green landscape of north-western Uttar Pradesh, Bareilly district boasts a captivating blend of natural beauty and historical attractions.

Spread over approximately 7,500 square kilometers, this breathtaking expanse is defined by the harmonious interplay of rolling hills, lush green valleys, and vast plains.

The terrain of the district extends from the Himalayan foothills in the north to the fertile plains of the Ganga basin in the south, creating a mesmerizing picture of geographical diversity.

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Bareilly district has a temperate climate, with hot summers and mild winters. The monsoon brings life-sustaining rainfall from July to September, nourishing lush fields and forests. Despite these blessings, the region sometimes faces challenges posed by floods and drought conditions.

Bareilly district is rich in historical sites and archaeological treasures, which provide a glimpse of the past. Ancient cities, grand forts, and sacred temples dot the countryside, inviting visitors to explore the rich heritage of the region.

Agriculture plays a central role in the economy of the district, with rice, wheat, sugarcane, and oilseeds being the primary crops grown. Apart from farming, Bareilly district hosts thriving industrial sectors, especially in the sectors of textiles, leather goods, and pharmaceuticals.

Bareilly district offers a delightful blend of natural splendor, cultural heritage, and economic prosperity, making it an attractive destination for travelers looking for adventure, exploration, or simply relaxation.

With a vibrant blend of natural beauty and human ingenuity, Bareilly truly embodies the essence of Northern India.

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