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We are providing the Bihar HD map in PNG, PDF, JPG, and WEBP formats. For downloading the HD map of Bihar, go with the given link below.

Bihar is a state in eastern India, and it is the 12th biggest state in terms of geographical region. The state is located between the latitude of 24°20’N–27°31’N and longitude of 82°19’E–88°17’E. The overall area of Bihar is 94,163 square kilometers, and it shares borders with Nepal in the north, West Bengal in the east, Uttar Pradesh in the west, and Jharkhand in the south.

Bihar contains a diverse geography, ranging from the fertile Gangetic plain in the north to the Chota Nagpur level in the south. The state has numerous vital rivers, counting the Ganges, the Child, the Gandak, the Kosi, and the Punpun. The state’s capital is Patna, which is additionally the largest city in the state.

A high-definition map of Bihar is accessible online, and it gives a detailed see of the state’s geological highlights, counting its boundaries, districts, cities, towns, rivers, and major roadways. The outline is planned to be intelligent, so clients can zoom in and out to induce a closer to see of particular regions of intrigue. The map is additionally available totally different designs, counting PDF, JPG, and PNG, making it simple to utilize for different purposes.

Some of the key highlights of the Bihar HD outline incorporate

Districts: Bihar is separated into 38 districts, and the map gives a clear view of the boundaries of each district.

Rivers: The map appears the course of major rivers in the state, counting the Ganges, the Son, the Gandak, the Kosi, and the Punpun.

Cities and towns: The map highlights major cities and towns in Bihar, counting Patna, Gaya, Bhagalpur, Muzaffarpur, and Darbhanga.

Roadways: The map shows the major highways and roads that interface different parts of the state, making it simple to arrange travel routes.

The Bihar HD map is a profitable resource for anybody who needs to investigate the state’s geology and arrange trips to different parts of the state.

The Bihar HD map helps you to know more about the Bihar state in detail. You can also check the Bihar map with districts and the Patna tourist map.

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