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Deoria Tehsils Map - Summary

You can download the Deoria tehsils map in PDF, PNG, JPEG, and many other formats. Deoria District in Uttar Pradesh comprises five tehsils, each playing a crucial role in the administrative framework of the region.

Here is a brief overview of the tehsils in Deoria District:

  • Barhaj: Covering an area of 374 km², Barhaj has a population of 3,69,994 as per the 2011 census.
  • Bhatpar Rani: With an area of 359 km², Bhatpar Rani has a population of 4,49,256.
  • Deoria: The largest tehsil in Deoria District, Deoria spans an area of 927 km² and has a population of 12,37,450.
  • Rudrapur: Rudrapur covers an area of 396 km² and has a population of 4,39,763.
  • Salempur: Encompassing an area of 485 km², Salempur has a population of 6,04,483.

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These tehsils are essential administrative units responsible for governance and development at the grassroots level. Each tehsil consists of various towns and villages contributing to the socio-economic fabric of Deoria District.

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