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Dibrugarh is a district in the Indian state of Assam, located in the eastern portion of the state. The district is named after the city of Dibrugarh, which is the biggest city in the district and is known as the Tea City of India. Dibrugarh district covers an area of around 3,381 square kilometers and has a populace of around 1,326,335 people.

The economy of the Dibrugarh district is largely based on horticulture, with tea being the most trim. The district is home to numerous tea gardens, which create high-quality Assam tea that’s exported all over the world. Separated from tea, other important crops in the district incorporate rice, jute, and mustard.

Dibrugarh is additionally a major center for the oil and normal gas industry in India, with numerous oil and gas fields found in the district. The district is domestic to the Dibrugarh Refinery, which is one of the biggest refineries in India and plays a noteworthy part in the country’s vitality segment.

The district is known for its wealthy social legacy, with a different blend of ethnic communities living within the locale. The Assamese language is the essential language spoken in the district, in spite of the fact that numerous other dialects, counting Bengali, Hindi, and English, are moreover spoken.

Dibrugarh district is domestic to numerous notable sanctuaries and monuments, counting the Shri Jagannath Temple, the Dehing Namti Satra, and the Barbarua Maidam. The district is additionally known for its scenic excellence, with the Brahmaputra River streaming through the region and numerous common attractions, counting natural life havens and national parks.

The Dibrugarh district is managed by the Dibrugarh district organization, which is dependable for neighborhood administration and improvement. The district is assist separated into six subdivisions, namely Dibrugarh, Tingkhong, Tengakhat, Moran, Naharkatia, and Duliajan.

Dibrugarh district is a wonderful and socially wealthy region of Assam, known for its tea ranches, oil and gas industry, noteworthy temples, and normal beauty.

The Dibrugarh district map helps you to know more about the district in detail. You can also check the Angul district map and the Ramanagara district map.

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