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Firozabad Nagar Nigam Map - Summary

You can download the Firozabad Nagar Nigam Map in PDF, JPG, PNG, and other formats. Firozabad Nagar Nigam is the municipal corporation responsible for governing the city of Firozabad in Uttar Pradesh, India.

Established on 4 August 2014, it is an institution of local governance known as an “Urban Local Body” (ULB). The corporation is committed to providing essential community services such as healthcare, sanitation, housing, roads, and transportation to the people of Firozabad.

Firozabad Nagar Nigam is responsible for various functions, including planning for the town’s development, approving new building construction, improving the town’s economic and social status, arranging water supply, planning for fire contingencies, managing solid waste, and working for the development of weaker sections of society.

The corporation is headed by a Mayor and governed by a Commissioner. It is divided into wards, each represented by a councilor, with elections held every five years. Also, you can check the Gautam Buddha Nagar Road Map and

The current Mayor is Smt Kamini Rathore, and the Municipal Commissioner is Smt Prerna Sharma. The corporation generates revenue from various sources, including property tax, professional tax, entertainment tax, grants from the Central and State Governments, advertisement tax, water usage charges, fees from documentation services, rent received from municipal property, and funds from municipal bonds.

Firozabad Nagar Nigam has a website that provides information related to its activities and services. The corporation has also implemented a Mutation Management System to facilitate property mutation and tax payment.

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