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You can download the Ghaziabad Railway map in PDF, JPG, PNG, and many other formats. The Ghaziabad Railway plays a crucial role in the transportation network of Uttar Pradesh, connecting the city with various destinations.

Ghaziabad Junction railway station serves as a significant hub for both passenger and freight trains. The station is a key stop on the Delhi-Howrah line, witnessing the movement of around 200 trains daily and catering to approximately 50,000 passengers each day.

The Northern Railway recently initiated a comprehensive redevelopment project for Ghaziabad railway station, with a budget of Rs 337 crore.

This redevelopment plan includes the construction of a new two-floor station building, a basement, an eight-meter-wide foot overbridge, escalators, lifts, staircases, a concourse, and a roof covering the entire platform.

The project aims to enhance passenger experience, safety, and accessibility, aligning with the Indian Railways’ Amrit Bharat Station Scheme to modernize and equip stations with contemporary amenities.

The redevelopment of Ghaziabad railway station is part of a broader initiative to transform railway stations into vibrant transit centers that offer safe, efficient, and sustainable travel options for passengers.

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