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You can download the Ghazipur District map in PDF, PNG, JPEG, WEBP, and many other formats. Ghazipur district, located in Uttar Pradesh, India, is a region steeped in history and cultural significance.

The district, with Ghazipur city as its headquarters, is part of the Varanasi Division. Known for its unique rose-scented spray called Gulab Jal and the tomb of Lord Cornwallis, the district boasts a rich heritage.

Ghazipur’s geography is characterized by its sub-tropical climate, ideal for rice and rose cultivation, with the district bordering Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.

The district is traversed by several rivers, including the  Gomati, Gaangi, Beson, Magai, Bhainsai, Tons, and Karmanasa,  Ganga River, contributing to its agricultural prosperity.

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With a population of over 3.6 million, Ghazipur is a vibrant region with a mix of urban and rural areas. The district’s administrative structure includes various tehsils or blocks, each playing a crucial role in governance and development.

Ghazipur’s historical significance, cultural heritage, and agricultural prominence make it a unique and diverse district in northern India.

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