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You can download the Ghazipur Road map in PDF, PNG, JPEG, and many other formats. The road network in Ghazipur district is significant for its historical and strategic importance.

The main road in Ghazipur city runs through various key areas, including Ghazi Mian, where it meets roads from Korantadih, Ballia, Gorakhpur, and Azamgarh.

This road leads south to Pushta Ghat, where a ferry crosses the river to Tari Ghat. Near Ghazi Mian stands the Chihal Satun, a notable landmark built in the mid-1700s.

Another major road splits off towards the northeast, passing by the Jami Masjid, the Nawab’s garden, tank, and tomb, before joining the Korantadih and Ballia road, marking the city’s northern boundary.

The road continues east through Razaganj and Begampur to the Ghazipur Ghat railway station on the city’s eastern limit.

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