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Italy Administration Map - Summary

You can easily download the Italy administration map. Italy is a democratic republic whose political system is based on the constitution of 1948. It consists of a President as the head of state, who appoints a Prime Minister as the head of government.

Political system and constitution of Italy

Italy functions as a democratic republic, its political foundations enshrined in the 1948 constitution. This constitution defines the basic principles of the country’s governance, outlining the roles, responsibilities, and relationships of its various branches.

President and Prime Minister of Italy

In Italy’s democratic structure, the role of the President is the head of state. Appointed by national vote, the president holds an important symbolic position, while the prime minister, appointed by the president, serves as the head of government.

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Executive Branch: Council of Ministers

At the core of Italy’s executive branch is the Council of Ministers, which is the embodiment of government authority. Under the leadership of the Prime Minister, the Council oversees the implementation of policies and decisions, acting as a major force in the administration of the country.

Italy’s Bicameral Parliament: the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate

Italy’s legislative power is vested in its bicameral parliament, the two-chambered Legislative Assembly. Together the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate create and pass laws, each representing specific constituencies and contributing to the country’s democratic discourse.

Independence of the Judicial Branch in Italy

The judicial branch of Italy stands as a distinct entity from the executive and legislative branches. This separation fosters a system of checks and balances, thereby ensuring that justice is administered fairly and free from undue influence.

Main Components of the Judicial System of Italy

The Italian judicial system includes various integral components, notably the Constitutional Court and the Supreme Court of Cassation, as well as other subordinate courts. Together, these bodies uphold the rule of law and interpret the Constitution.

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