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If you are looking for the Jhalawar district map in PDF, JPG, PNG, and many other formats. You are in the right spot, we are providing the district map of Jhalawar. You can easily download the Jhalawar district map by using the given link below.

Jhalawar is a district situated in the southeastern portion of Rajasthan, India. It was carved out of the Kota district in 1991 and is named after Jhalas, a clan of Rajputs who ruled the region in the past. The district headquarters is located in the city of Jhalawar.

Jhalawar has a rich history and is known for its wonderful forts, palaces, and temples. A few of the well-known visitor attractions in Jhalawar are:

Jhalawar Fortification: It is additionally known as Garh Palace and was built in the 19th century by the Jhala Rajputs. The fort has a blend of Rajput and Mughal designs and is presently converted into a gallery.

Gagron Fortification: It could be a UNESCO World Legacy Location and was built in the 12th century. It is located on the banks of the Kali Sindh River and has a mix of Rajput and Islamic designs.

Bhawani Natyashala: It is an ancient theatre built in 1921 and is considered the most seasoned theatre in Rajasthan.

Government Museum: It is found in the Jhalawar Fort and contains a collection of antiquated artifacts, manuscripts, depictions, and sculptures.

Jhalarapatan: It is a historical town arranged on the banks of the Chandrabhaga Waterway and is known for its old temples, counting the Chandrabhaga Temple and Shantinath Jain Temple.

Culture and Festivals: Jhalawar contains a wealthy cultural heritage, and its people celebrate numerous celebrations with great excitement. A few of the well-known celebrations celebrated in the district are Gangaur, Teej, Diwali, and Holi. The district is also known for its folk dances such as Kalbeliya, Ghoomar, and Chari.

Economy: Agriculture is the most occupation of the individuals in Jhalawar, and the area is known for its production of crops like wheat, soybean, and mustard. Apart from farming, the district also has a few small-scale industries like mineral-based industries, handloom, and handicrafts.

Education: Jhalawar has a few reputed educational institutions, including the Government Engineering College, Jhalawar Medical College, and Jhalawar Law College. There are moreover numerous schools in the district that provide quality education to the students.

Transportation: The district is well associated with other parts of the nation through roadways and railways. National Highway 52 passes through the district, connecting it to major cities like Kota and Jaipur. Jhalawar Road railway station is the most railway station in the district and is well associated with major cities in Rajasthan.

Separated from these, the area is additionally known for its natural beauty and wildlife. The district contains a number of wildlife asylums and national parks such as the Mukundra Hills National Park, Darrah Natural life Sanctuary, and Shergarh Natural life Asylum.

The area is additionally known for its commitment to the education division, with a few prestigious educational institutions located here.

By using the Jhalawar district map you will know more about the district in detail. You can also check the Ajmer district map and the Jaipur district map.

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