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Jharkhand Map Hindi - Summary

If you are looking for the Hindi map of the Jharkhand state in PDF, PNG, JPG, and some other formats. You are in the right place we are providing here the Jharkhand state map in Hindi. You can download the state Hindi map from here.

Some of the most attractive tourist places in the Jharkhand state areĀ 

  • Dassam Falls
  • Netarhat
  • Tagore Hill
  • Panchghagh Falls
  • Hazaribagh Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Hundru Falls
  • Rajrappa Temple
  • Parasnath Hill
  • Sun Temple

We are providing the Jharkhand state unique identity in India.

Tribal Culture: Jharkhand is domestic to numerous inborn tribes that have their one-of-a-kind culture, conventions, and way of life. The state’s tribal legacy is one of its most critical attractions.

Natural Beauty: Jharkhand has a few of the foremost lovely normal scenes in India. The state is secured with lavish green timberlands, slopes, waterfalls, and streams that draw in visitors from all over the nation.

Minerals and Mines: Jharkhand is wealthy in minerals such as press mineral, coal, mica, and bauxite, making it a critical supporter of the Indian economy.

Art and Handicrafts: Jharkhand is additionally popular for its conventional craftsmanship and painstaking work. The state’s artisans are gifted in making earthenware, basketry, and bamboo creations, among other things.

Wildlife Sanctuaries: The state has a few natural life asylums and national parks, such as Betla National Stop, Palamau Tiger Save, and Hazaribagh Natural life Asylum, which are domestic to an assorted run of vegetation and fauna.

Festivals: Jharkhand celebrates an assortment of celebrations, such as Sarhul, Karma, and Tusu Parab, which are one of a kind to the state and are celebrated with incredible excitement and fervor.

By using this map you will know more about the Jharkhand state in detail. You can easily save this map for later from here. You can also check the Odisha map and Chhattisgarh map here.

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