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Kasaragod is a locale located in the northernmost portion of the Indian state of Kerala. It shares its borders with the state of Karnataka to the north and east, the Arabian Sea to the west, the locale of Kannur to the south, and the Dakshina Kannada locale of Karnataka to the southeast. Kasaragod is additionally known as the arrival of Gods, fortifications, streams, slopes, and shorelines.

The district encompasses a wealthy social legacy, with a blend of Malayalam, Kannada, and Tulu cultures. The major language talked about in the area is Malayalam, while Kannada and Tulu are moreover talked about in certain areas. Kasaragod has a total of 5 taluks, to be specific Kasaragod, Hosdurg, Manjeshwaram, Nileshwaram, and Uduma, and a total of 38 towns.

The district incorporates an assorted economy, with farming, angling, and handloom weaving being the major industries. Coconut, elastic, areca nut, and cashew are a few of the important crops developed within the locale. Kasaragod is additionally known for its handloom industry, particularly for the generation of Kasaragod sarees, which are woven using fine cotton and silk strings.

Kasaragod is home to numerous tourist attractions, counting the Bekal Fortification, which is one of the biggest and most well-preserved fortifications in Kerala. Other notable places to visit incorporate the Chandragiri Fort, Ananthapura Lake Temple, Madhur Temple, and Kappil Shoreline.

In terms of instruction, Kasaragod has a few conspicuous educate, counting the Central College of Kerala, Sree Narayana Guru College of Building and Innovation, and Government Building College, among others.

Kasaragod district offers a unique mix of culture, convention, normal excellence, and economic openings, making it a noteworthy area in the state of Kerala.

Using the district map of Kasaragod, you will know more about the district in detail. You can also check the Kannur district map and the Wayanad district map.

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