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Koppal District Map shows the Koppal national highway, major roads, railways, rivers, etc. Koppal, a newborn district of Karnataka state, was carved out of Raichur District. It is situated between 15* 09′ 00″ to 16* 03′ 30″ North Latitude and 75* 47′ 30″ to 76* 48′ 10″ East Longitude. It consists of four talukas Koppal, Gangavathi, Kushtagi, Yelburga and Newly formed three talukas (19.01.2018)Kanakagiri, Karatagi, and (18.01.2018) Kukanoor.

Koppal is a district located in the northern portion of the state of Karnataka, India. It is bounded by the districts of Raichur to the north, Bellary to the south, Gadag to the west, and Haveri to the east. Koppal covers a region of around 8,477 square kilometers and features a populace of over 13 lakh individuals.

The district is named after its headquarters, the town of Koppal. The town has a wealthy authentic and social legacy, with several imperative authentic locales found in the range. These incorporate the Koppal Fort, which was built during the 16th century, and the Gavimath, which is an important pilgrimage site for the Lingayat community.

The economy of the Koppal district is basically based on agribusiness, with the most crops being groundnut, sunflower, and cotton. The district is additionally domestic to several small-scale industries, counting cotton ginning and oil mills.

Koppal is known for its wealthy social legacy, with a few critical sanctuaries and devout sites found in the range. The Mahadeva Temple, found in Itagi town, is one of the finest illustrations of the Chalukya design in the district. The temple is devoted to Lord Shiva and is known for its perplexing carvings and figures.

The district is additionally home to a few other critical devout destinations, counting the Kanakagiri Jain Temple, which is found on a hill and offers all-encompassing views of the encompassing scene. Other important sanctuaries in the region incorporate the Kaginele Mahaganapathi Temple and the Basavanna Temple in Koodalasangama.

Koppal district is additionally domestic to a few natural life havens, counting the Daroji Laziness Bear Asylum and the Gudekote Bird Sanctuary. The Daroji Laziness Bear Haven is domestic to a large populace of laziness bears, whereas the Gudekote Bird Sanctuary is known for its different birdlife.

Koppal district is a socially wealthy and differing region of Karnataka. Its authentic sites, temples, and natural life havens make it a well-known traveler goal, whereas its farming and small-scale businesses contribute to the district’s economy. The district’s assorted populace and social legacy include its special character and appeal.

The district map of Koppal helps you to know more about the district in detail. You can also check the West Bengal map with districts and the Chhattisgarh map with districts.

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