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Malappuram district is located in the northern portion of the state of Kerala, India. It is one of the 14 districts of Kerala and covers a range of 3,550 square kilometers. The district has a populace of over 40 lakh individuals, concurring to the 2011 census.

Malappuram district is known for its wealthy history, social legacy, and normal beauty. The district was part of the old kingdoms of Kerala, and its social legacy is reflected in the various temples and notable landmarks found throughout the region.

The district is additionally known for its characteristic magnificence, with several picturesque spots like the Kadalundi Winged creature Asylum, the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, and the Padinjarekara Beach. The district is additionally known for its hills, valleys, and waterfalls, counting the Athirapally Falls and the Vellarimala Hills.

Malappuram district is home to a diverse populace, with a blend of Hindus, Muslims, and Christians. The locale is known for its vibrant culture and conventions, counting the Theyyam and Thira celebrations. The district is additionally known for its cooking, which highlights an assortment of conventional dishes like biriyani, puttu, and appam.

In terms of instruction, Malappuram is home to a few prestigious education, including the University of Calicut, the Malabar Restorative College, and the Government College, Malappuram. The district too includes a well-developed healthcare system, with a few hospitals and healthcare centers.

The economy of Malappuram is basically based on horticulture, with crops like coconut, paddy, and banana being important sources of income. The area is additionally known for its handloom industry, with a few traditional materials being delivered in the locale. The tourism industry is additionally a critical donor to the economy, with guests drawn to the district’s natural excellence and social heritage.

Malappuram district is a dynamic and socially wealthy region of Kerala, with a diverse populace, a solid accentuation on instruction and healthcare, and a wealthy history and characteristic excellence.

By using the Malappuram district map, you will know more about the district in detail. You can also check the Palakkad district map and the Thrissur district map.

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