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If you are looking for the Manipur state map in PDF, PNG, JPG, and other formats. You are in right place, you can easily download the state map of Manipur easily from here.

Manipur, situated in the northeastern state of India, shares borders to the north with Nagaland, to the south of Mizoram, to the west of Assam, and Myanmar (Burma) to the east. This state is well-known for its beautiful scenes, dynamic cultural legacy, and distinct traditions.

Imphal, the capital city of Manipur, is separated into 16 districts. The major ethnic groups of Manipur include Meitei, Naga, Kuki, and Pangal, and the official languages are Manipuri and English.

Manipur map showing

  • Major Roads
  • Railways
  • Rivers
  • National Highways
  • State Highways
  • Major Towns

One of the most attractions of Manipur is its wealthy cultural legacy, especially its traditional dance forms such as the Manipuri dance, which is a blend of Hinduism and the ancient Meitei religion. The state is additionally celebrated for its handicrafts, including handwoven shawls, bamboo and cane items, and pottery.

The essential occupation in Manipur is horticulture, with rice being the major edit. The state moreover incorporates a noteworthy ranger service industry, with teak, sal, and bamboo being the essential forest items. Also, tourism plays a significant part in the state’s economy.

Manipur has had a tumultuous history, characterized by periods of struggle and insecurity. The state has long-standing insurgencies, with different armed groups requesting independence or autonomy. In any case, in later a long time, the circumstance improved, and the state has been gradually returning to normalcy.

By using the Manipur state map, you will know more about the state in detail. You can check the Nagaland state map and the Tripura map.

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