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We provide the Mawarnag Alpine Lake Trek map in PDF, PNG, JPG, WEBP, and many more formats. To download the Mawarnag Alpine Lake Trek map go with the given link below.

The Mawarnag Alpine Lake Trek is situated in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir’s Kishtwar district.

The trek’s specific details are provided below:

Duration: The journey covers a distance of about 45 kilometers and is completed in about 6-7 days.

Best time to travel: June to September are the driest and most pleasant months to travel for the Mawarnag Alpine Lake Trek.

Beginning Point: The walk begins in the village of Gulabgarh, which is situated in Jammu & Kashmir’s Kishtwar region.

Among the trek’s highlights:

Kishtwar National Park: The trip passes through this park, famous for its breathtaking landscapes, which include woods, meadows, and rivers.

Mawarnag Alpine Lake: The hike leads to the lovely Mawarnag Alpine Lake, which is situated at a height of 3,350 meters and provides breathtaking views of the mountains in the area.

Margan Top: The strenuous Margan Top, which is at an elevation of 4,267 m and provides panoramic views of the nearby Himalayan mountains, is reached by way of a hard journey.

Traditional Villages: The trip takes you through a number of traditional villages where you may get a feel for the local way of life and culture, such as Gulabgarh, Ishtyari, and Atholi.

The Mawarnag Alpine Lake Trek is a moderate to challenging journey that calls for a high level of physical preparedness and endurance. Long hikes, difficult hills, and high altitude make the route difficult for some hikers.

Permits: To travel on this journey, hikers need a Jammu and Kashmir government permit. You can get the permit from the local Deputy Commissioner’s office or the Jammu and Kashmir Tourism Departments.

Trekkers have the choice of staying in guesthouses or tents while on the trail. The lodging will be arranged by the local guide.

The Mawarnag Alpine Lake Trek is a lovely walk that takes you through some of Jammu and Kashmir’s most breathtaking landscapes. It is a fantastic walk for outdoor enthusiasts and environment lovers who wish to discover the locals’ traditional way of life and take in the beauty of the Himalayan mountains.

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