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Meerut Geography Map - Summary

Download the Meerut Geography map in PDF, PNG, JPEG, JPG, and some other formats using the links given below. Meerut, a city in northwestern Uttar Pradesh, India, is situated between the fertile plains of the Ganges and Yamuna rivers.

The city is known for its agricultural activities, industrial growth, and rich history.

Some unique aspects of Meerut’s geography include:

Location: Meerut is located about 70 kilometers northwest of New Delhi and 453 kilometers from Lucknow, the state capital of Uttar Pradesh.

Climate: The city experiences hot summers and cold winters, with a maximum temperature of 45 degrees Celsius in the summer and a minimum of 2 degrees Celsius in the winter.

Agriculture: Meerut’s fertile plains are conducive to agriculture, with a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, and sugarcane cultivation.

Industries: The city is an industrial hub, with a thriving sports goods industry, sugar industries, and electronics goods manufacturing.

Education: Meerut is home to Meerut University (1965) and several other colleges affiliated with the university.

Transportation: Meerut lies on the Delhi–Meerut–Saharanpur line and has five railway stations, including Meerut City, Meerut Cantt., Partapur, Mohiuddinpur, and Pabli Khas.

Historical Significance: Meerut has a rich history, with traces of ancient civilizations and a significant role in the Indian Mutiny of 1857.

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