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Nakodar Master Plan 2031 Map - Summary

We are providing the Nakodar master plan map in PDF, PNG, WEBP, JPG, and many other formats. Downloading the master plan map of Nakodar through the given link below.

Nakodar is a city located in the Jalandhar district of the Indian state of Punjab. It is arranged roughly 24 kilometers from the district headquarters of Jalandhar and approximately 142 kilometers from the state capital of Chandigarh.

The city is known for its verifiable and social importance because it was a critical center of the Mughal Empire during the rule of Emperor Akbar. Nakodar is additionally popular for its music and the yearly Shaheedi Jor Mela celebration, which draws in thousands of guests from across Punjab and other parts of India.

The economy of Nakodar is fundamentally based on farming, with wheat, rice, and sugarcane being the major crops developed in the encompassing area. The city is additionally domestic to a number of small-scale industries, including textile fabricating, painstaking work, and rural equipment generation.

Nakodar includes a wealthy social legacy, with several chronicled destinations and landmarks found in and around the city. These include the Nakodar Fort, the Gurudwara Baba Dhanna Singh Ji, and the tomb of the celebrated Punjabi artist, Shah Muhammad. The city is additionally home to a few sanctuaries, mosques, and other devout institutions, which reflect the assorted social and devout conventions of its people.

The master plan map of Nakodar is purposed by the Department of Town and Country Planning Punjab. The Project will be completed in 2031.

The list of the works that will be completed in this project are

  • Village Abadi
  • Extended Abadi
  • Sector Numbers
  • Light Industry
  • Industries
  • Bus Stand
  • Protected Green
  • Social Cultural
  • Hospital
  • Institutes
  • Schools
  • Park
  • Green Belt
  • Unmetalled Path
  • Water Bodies
  • Pond
  • Drian
  • Railway Line
  • Railway Station
  • Main Roads
  • Kaccha Roads
  • Purposed Roads
  • Government Office
  • Semi-Government Office
  • Village Boundary
  • State Boundary
  • Municipal Committee Boundary
  • Controlled Area Boundary

Using the master plan map Nakodar you will know more about the city in detail. You can also check the Kapurthala master plan map and the Nawanshahr City master plan map.

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