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Shaktipeeth Expressway Route Map - Summary

The Nagpur–Goa Expressway, also referred to as the Shaktipeeth Expressway, is a proposed infrastructure project in India. Spanning 760 km, this six-lane expressway is designed to be access-controlled and aims to connect Nagpur, the third largest city in Maharashtra, with the state of Goa. The expressway will traverse through 11 districts of Maharashtra and one district of Goa.

Shaktipeeth Expressway – Highlights

  1. Length: Proposed 760 km (470 mi) long expressway.
  2. Connectivity: Links Nagpur to Goa, passing through multiple districts.
  3. Operated By: Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation (MSRDC).
  4. Travel Time Reduction: Aims to reduce travel time and distance significantly.
    • Current: 18–20 hours to only 7–8 hours.
    • Distance: From 1,110 to 760 kilometers (690 to 470 mi).
  5. Cost: Estimated construction cost is ₹83,600 crore (initially ₹75,000 crore).
  6. Name: Referred to as the Shaktipeeth Expressway, named after three Shakti Peethas it passes through.
    • Shakti Peethas: Mahalakshmi, Tuljabhavani, and Patradevi.
  7. Longest Expressway in Maharashtra: Upon completion, it will hold this distinction.

Benefits of the Shaktipeeth Expressway

  1. Reduced Travel Time:
    • Drastically reduces the current 21-hour journey to approximately 7 hours.
    • Enhances efficiency and convenience for commuters.
  2. Connectivity to Sacred Sites:
    • Connects three Shaktipeethas, two Jyotirlingas, and pilgrimage centers across east, west, and south Maharashtra.
    • Facilitates easier access to significant religious and cultural destinations.
  3. Economic Development:
    • Spurs economic development through enhanced transportation links between Nagpur and Goa.
    • Initiates land acquisition and tender processes to boost infrastructure and economic activities.
  4. Environmental Sustainability:
    • Greenfield project commits to environmental sustainability.
    • Thousands of plants, trees, and shrubs planned along the expressway, creating a green corridor.
  5. Tourism and Pilgrimage Boost:
    • Comprehensive approach aims to boost tourism and pilgrimage between north Goa and Nagpur.
    • Improves accessibility to key pilgrimage sites in Vidarbha, Marathwada, Western Maharashtra, and Goa.
  6. Integrated Planning:
    • Alignment designed to link pilgrimage sites and key regions, creating a well-connected network.
    • Integration with the under-construction Samruddhi Mahamarg enhances overall connectivity.
  7. Progressive Development:
    • Alignment for the expressway is nearly final, marking significant progress in the project’s development.
    • The project is expected to be operational by 2028 to 2029, providing a timely transportation leap for the region.

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