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Submarine cables are fiber optic cables that are laid on the seabed to supply telecommunications networks between different countries and continents. They are a basic component of the worldwide internet infrastructure and enable high-speed information transfer between different parts of the world.

Submarine cables have been used since the mid-1800s when the first transoceanic cable was laid between the United States and Europe. Today, there are over 400 submarine cables in operation, crossing over 12 lakh kilometers of seabed.

Submarine cables are typically owned and operated by telecommunications companies and internet service providers (ISPs), who invest heavily in their development and maintenance. The cost of laying a submarine cable can run into billions of dollars, depending on the separation and complexity of the project.

The cables themselves are ordinarily made up of a few strands of optical fibers, which are enclosed in layers of protective materials such as copper and steel. The cables are then laid on the seabed, regularly at depths of a few thousand meters, and are secured in put to anticipate harm from undersea currents and natural disasters.

Submarine cables are fundamental for worldwide connectivity, providing the spine for universal voice, information, and video communications. They empower businesses and individuals to communicate and exchange data with each other over diverse parts of the world and additionally support a wide extend of applications, including e-commerce, cloud computing, and social media.

Despite their importance, submarine cables are defenseless to an extent of the danger, counting harm from angling trawlers and other ocean vessels, natural catastrophes such as seismic tremors and tsunamis, and even ponder disruption or theft. As such, they require regular maintenance and monitoring to ensure their continued reliability and usefulness.

submarine cables are a crucial part of the worldwide broadcast communications framework, giving high-speed networks between diverse parts of the world. While they confront a run of challenges and vulnerabilities, their significance is only likely to grow as more and more people come online and request greater bandwidth and connectivity.

The Submarine Cable map helps you to know more about this in detail. You can also check the World physical map and the World political map.

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