Gujarat Maps

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Gujarat is a state in Western India that borders the Arabian Sea. With an area of 196,024 square kilometers, it is the 6th largest state in India by area. The state is divided into 33 districts and has a population of over 60 million people. The geography of Gujarat is characterized by a diverse landscape that includes the Rann of Kutch, the Gir Forest National Park, and the Sabarmati River.

The Rann of Kutch, a large salt marsh in the Thar Desert, is a unique geographical feature of Gujarat. The Gir Forest National Park is home to the endangered Asiatic lion and is one of the few remaining places in the world where they can be found in the wild. The Sabarmati River is a vital source of water for the state and also serves as a popular tourist destination.

For travelers looking to explore Gujarat’s geography and plan their itinerary, Gujarat maps are an essential resource. A map of Gujarat can provide an overview of the state’s road network, including major highways and smaller rural roads, as well as the locations of popular tourist destinations and landmarks. It can also help visitors plan their trips to the state’s many beaches, nature reserves, and heritage sites.

Gujarat maps are an indispensable tool for visitors looking to explore the state’s geography and plan their itinerary. Whether you’re looking to explore the state’s natural beauty or cultural heritage, a map of Gujarat can help you make the most of your trip.