Nagaland Maps

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Nagaland is a state located in northeastern India, known for its unique culture, traditional festivals, and beautiful landscapes. The state covers an area of 16,579 square kilometers and is bordered by the states of Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, and the country of Myanmar.

Nagaland’s geography is characterized by its hilly terrain, with the state being home to several prominent peaks such as Saramati, Japfu, and Dzukou Valley. The state is also home to several rivers and waterfalls, including the Doyang River and the Mimi waterfall, which attract tourists from all over the world.

Nagaland Maps are an excellent resource for anyone planning a trip to the state. These maps provide a comprehensive overview of the state’s physical features, including its hills, rivers, and waterfalls. They also include important information such as roads, railways, and cities, making it easier for travelers to navigate the state.

In terms of infrastructure, Nagaland has a relatively small road network, with a total length of approximately 10,971 kilometers. The state also has limited railway connectivity, with the only functional railway line being the Lumding-Dibrugarh section of the Northeast Frontier Railway.

The state government has been working towards improving road and air connectivity in recent years, with the ongoing construction of the four-lane National Highway 29 and the expansion of the state’s only airport, the Dimapur Airport.