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Telangana is divided into 33 districts. Bhadradri Kothagudem is the largest district and Hyderabad is the smallest by area. On 2 June 2014, the area was separated from the northwestern part of Andhra Pradesh and named Telangana.

Telangana is a state found in southern India with a road organize that’s fairly created. The total length of roads in the state is 27,319 kilometers, with a street density of 1.73 km per square kilometer. Here are some critical details about Telangana’s road network:

National Highways: The state has 13 national interstates that cover around 2,592 kilometers. These highways connect major cities and towns inside Telangana to other parts of the country.

State Highways: The Telangana State Road Transport Enterprise (TSRTC) oversees 6,252 kilometers of state highways. These highways interface the district headquarters and major towns within the state.

Major District Roads: The state has 8,763 kilometers of major area streets, which interface littler towns and towns to the state highways.

Country Roads: There are 9,664 kilometers of rustic roads in Telangana that interface remote villages and villages to the major roads.

Expressways: The Hyderabad External Ring Street (ORR) is the as it were expressway in the state, which may be a 158-kilometer long, 8-lane ring road that circles around Hyderabad city.

Road Transport: The Telangana State Road Transport Organization (TSRTC) works a fleet of more than 10,000 buses that offer open transport administrations all through the state. The enterprise moreover provides inter-state administrations to neighboring states.

Road Safety: The Telangana government has actualized different measures to improve road security in the state, including installing speed cameras, developing speed breakers, and deploying interstate patrol vehicles.

Telangana includes a well-established road organization that interfaces major cities and towns within the state and past. The state government is additionally making endeavors to progress street security and ensure the security of travelers.

The Telangana road map helps you to know more about the Telangana state’s road network in detail. You can also check the Telangana state map and the Telangana district map.

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