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Ukraine Tourist Map - Summary

You can download the Ukraine Tourist Map. Ukraine is a large and diverse country in Eastern Europe with a rich history, culture, and natural beauty.

It has many tourist places to visit, from ancient cities and palaces to mountains and beaches.

Here are some best places to visit in Ukraine

Kiev: Ukraine’s capital and largest city, where you can visit the stunning St. Michael’s golden-domed Monastery, the historic Pechersk Lavra, the majestic St. Sophia’s Cathedral, and the modern Independence Square.

Lviv: The cultural capital of Ukraine, where you can enjoy the charming Old Town, Gothic St. George’s Cathedral, vibrant market square, and the artistic chapel of the Boim family.

You can checkĀ and Ukraine map.

Odessa: The pearl of the Black Sea, where you can relax on the sandy Arcadia Beach, admire the stately Opera House, walk along the iconic Potemkin Stairs, and explore the mysterious Catacombs.

Chernivtsi: The City of a Hundred Cultures, where you can visit the impressive residences of the Bukovinian and Dalmatian Metropolitans, the beautiful St. Nicholas Cathedral, the cozy Olha Kobylyaska Street, and the colorful Central Square.

Carpathian Mountains: Ukraine’s green lungs, where you can hike, ski, bike, or boat in the beautiful Carpathian National Nature Park, visit the picturesque Shipit waterfall, admire the wooden church of St. Michael and authentic Hutsul culture can experience.

Chernobyl: the site of the worst nuclear disaster in history, where you can see the abandoned city of Pripyat, the never-opening Ferris wheel, the terrifying Duga radar, and the new secure prison.

Uman: Home to the famous Sofiyevsky Park, a stunning landscape garden with fountains, sculptures, lakes, and bridges. It is also a pilgrimage site for Hasidic Jews who visit Rabbi Nachman’s grave.

Kamianets-Podilsky: a medieval town with the magnificent Kamianets-Podilsky Castle, a fortress that stands on a rocky island surrounded by a deep gorge. You can also visit the Old Town Hall, the Armenian Church of St. Nicholas, and the Turkish Tower.

Chernihiv: One of the oldest cities in Ukraine, where you can admire the ancient Chernihiv Detinets, a citadel that houses Ukraine’s oldest church, the Transfiguration Cathedral. You can also visit the beautiful Pyatnitska Church, the majestic Yeletsky Monastery, and the mysterious Black Grave.

Kharkiv: Ukraine’s second-largest city, where you can enjoy a modern and vibrant atmosphere. You can see the impressive Freedom Square, Europe’s largest square, the futuristic Mirror Stream fountain, the beautiful Gosprom building, and the unique Upside Down House.

These are some other places worth visiting in Ukraine.

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