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Auraiya district is a part of the Uttar Pradesh state of India and is located in the central part of the state. The district is known for its historical and cultural significance, and its geography plays a significant role in shaping its characteristics.

Auraiya district lies between the Yamuna and Chambal rivers, making it part of the Gangetic alluvial plains. It is situated about 100 kilometers southeast of the capital Lucknow.

Geographical Features:
The district mainly consists of flat and fertile plains, typical of the Ganga belt. The soil is rich and suitable for agriculture, making the region an important agricultural center. The landscape is characterized by an extensive network of rivers, streams, and canals that aid in irrigation.

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Rivers & Water Bodies:
The Yamuna River, one of the major tributaries of the Ganga, forms the eastern boundary of Auraiya district. The Chambal River flows on its western border. Both rivers contribute to the irrigation and agriculture of the area. Additionally, various small rivers and streams flow through the district, thereby adding to its overall water resources.

Climate :
Auraiya experiences a typical North Indian climate with three distinct seasons – summer, monsoon, and winter. Summers are generally hot and temperatures soar, while monsoons bring heavy rainfall, which causes the soil and water bodies to become saturated. Winters are relatively mild, providing a pleasant climate for some of the months.

The district is characterized by a mix of natural vegetation, which includes grasslands, shrubs, and trees. The fertile soils support a wide variety of crops, making agriculture a major economic activity in the area. Common crops include wheat, rice, sugar cane, and pulses.

Economy :
Agriculture is the backbone of the economy of Auraiya. Fertile plains and the presence of rivers contribute to the cultivation of various crops. Apart from agriculture, there is also a growing industrial presence in the district, with small and medium-scale industries contributing to economic development.

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