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Barabanki Forest Map - Summary

You can download the Barabanki forest map in PDF, PNG, WEBP, JPEG, and many other formats. Barabanki district, situated in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, once bore the name “forested banks,” indicating its abundance of natural vegetation.

Today, however, the region’s forest coverage has significantly diminished due to human activity and increased demand for arable land.

According to available information, the remaining forest area covers approximately 5,308 hectares, distributed among three major tehsils: Ramsanehi Ghat (with 29% of the forest cover), Fatehpur (with 27%), and Haidergarh (with 15%).

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The flora of Barabanki includes a mix of native trees and shrubs, reflective of the region’s diverse landscape. Some notable features include the Parajaat tree, a protected baobab tree found in the village of Kintoor, which is believed to be sacred and linked to Hindu mythology.

Unfortunately, the decline in forest cover has led to the disappearance of many indigenous species and habitats, particularly those dependent on wetlands.

Despite some efforts to conserve specific sites like the Salaarpur Jheel wetland in Dewa, Barabanki, the overall trend indicates a significant loss of both terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems.

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