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Bongaigaon is a district in Assam under Lower Assam Division. It is bounded by Chirang District in the North, Barpeta District in the East and Goalpara District in the South, and Dhubri & Kokrajhar District in the West.

Bongaigaon is a district located in the state of Assam in India. It is arranged in the western portion of the state and covers an area of around 2,510 square kilometers. The district is named after its headquarters, the town of Bongaigaon.

Bongaigaon district contains a populace of around 11lakh and is home to several ethnic communities, counting the Bodo, Bengali, Assamese, and Nepali individuals. The district is known for its scenic excellence, tea gardens, and wildlife sanctuaries.

The economy of the Bongaigaon district is basically based on horticulture, with tea being the main trim. The district is home to a few tea gardens, counting the Amguri Tea Estate, which is one of the biggest tea gardens in the region. The district moreover includes a critical jute industry, with several jute plants found in the range.

Bongaigaon district is domestic to a few natural life sanctuaries, counting the Manas National Park and the Chakrashila Wildlife Haven. These havens are domestic to several imperiled species, counting the Indian rhinoceros, the Bengal tiger, and the Asian elephant.

The district is additionally known for its social legacy, with several critical chronicled sites located in the area. These include the Bongaigaon Rajbari, a chronicled royal residence that dates back to the 18th century, and the Bagheswari Temple, which is one of the most seasoned sanctuaries in the area.

Bongaigaon district incorporates a diverse populace, with a few ethnic communities living in the range. The Bodo individuals are the biggest community within the district, taken after by the Bengali and Assamese individuals. The district is additionally domestic to a noteworthy number of Nepali individuals, who have moved to the zone in later a long time.

Bongaigaon district is a socially wealthy and assorted area of Assam. Its tea gardens, wildlife sanctuaries, and verifiable destinations make it a well-known visitor destination, whereas its rural and jute businesses contribute to the district’s economy. The district’s assorted populace includes its special character and social legacy.

Using the district map of Bongaigaon you will know more about the district in detail. You can also check the West Bengal Map with districts and the Koppal district map.

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