Educational Map of Uttar Pradesh

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Educational Map of Uttar Pradesh - Summary

We provide an Educational Map of Uttar Pradesh (UP Map for Education Purpose) in PDF, PNG, JPG,  and some other formats. You can easily download the Uttar Pradesh Educational map for students of schools, colleges, and any educational purpose you can easily download this map through the given link.

Uttar Pradesh educational map shows the following

Express Highway– with toll, Bridge, and distance stone

Road Metalled- according to the importance

Roads Double Carriageway- according to the importance

Unmetteld Road- Cart-track, Pack-track and pass, Foot-track

Streams- with the track in bed, undefined, Canal

Dame- masonry Or rock -filled, earthwork, weir

River- Dry with a water channel, with Iceland & rock

Submerged Rock, Shoal, Swamp, reeds

Wells:  lined, Unlined, Tube-well,  Sprring, Tanks

Railways- Broad Gauge, double, single with stations

Town & Village- inhabited, deserted, Fort, Huts, permanent, temporary, Town, Chhatri, Temples, Churches, Mosque, Idgah, Tomb, and more.

Boundary- National, State, District, Tehsils, Taluka, Forest, Territory, post office, and more.

The educational map of Uttar Pradesh map helps you to know more about the Uttar Pradesh state in detail. You can easily save this map for later from here. Also, you can check the Uttar Pradesh district map and the Uttar Pradesh road map.

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