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England is a country situated in the southern portion of the island of Great Britain in Europe. It is bordered by Scotland to the north and Wales to the west. The country also incorporates a coastline along the North Ocean to the east and the English Channel to the south.

Britain features an add-up-to-arrive zone of around 130,000 square kilometers and a populace of over 5.6 crore individuals. Its capital city is London, which is found in the southeast of the nation and is the largest city in both Britain and the Joined together Kingdom.

England is known for its wealthy history, different social legacy, and commitment to literature, music, and science. Some of the most famous landmarks and attractions in England include the Tower of London, Stonehenge, Buckingham Royal residence, and the British Museum.

The country incorporates a temperate maritime climate, characterized by mild temperatures and customary rainfall throughout the year. Summers are by and large warm with temperatures ranging from 18-23°C (64-73°F), while winters are cool with temperatures between 2-7°C (36-45°F).

England is a protected government with a parliamentary system of government. It is the portion of the United Kingdom, which to includes Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. The official language of England is English, and the currency is the pound sterling (GBP).

England is a vibrant and diverse country with a wealthy history and culture, wonderful scenery, and various landmarks and attractions.

The England location map helps you to know more about England in detail. You can also check the Indonesia map and the Asia map.

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