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Haiti is a country located on the western part of the island of Hispaniola, in the Caribbean Ocean. It shares the island with the Dominican Republic, which is located to the east. Haiti is the third biggest country in the Caribbean, with an area of 27,750 square kilometers, and includes a populace of roughly 11 million individuals.

Haiti was the primary independent country in Latin America and the Caribbean, having gained its autonomy from France in 1804. The country’s history has been marked by political precariousness, destitution, and common calamities. Haiti is one of the poorest nations in the world, with more than 50% of the populace living below the poverty line.

The official languages of Haiti are French and Haitian Creole, with the last, mentioned being broadly talked about throughout the nation. The majority of the populace is of African descent, with a minority of mixed European and African ancestry.

Haiti’s economy is generally based on horticulture, with coffee, sugarcane, and mangoes being major exports. The nation too incorporates a critical article of the clothing industry and depends intensely on foreign aid.

Haiti has been hit by several annihilating normal fiascos in recent years, counting a disastrous seismic tremor in 2010 that murdered more than 200,000 individuals and cleared out millions of homeless. In expansion, the nation has been hit by typhoons and tropical storms, causing widespread harm and loss of life.

Haiti is known for its vibrant culture, which has been impacted by African, French, and innate conventions. Haitian craftsmanship, music, and literature are famous all over the world. The nation is additionally celebrated for its voodoo religion, which is practiced by many Haitians and is a noteworthy portion of the country’s social legacy.

Haiti has made progress in some ranges in recent years. The nation has seen advancements in healthcare and instruction, and there have been endeavors to combat debasement and advance popular government. However, much work remains to be done to address the country’s progressing challenges and advance maintainable development.

Using the Haiti country map you will know more about the country in detail. You can also check the Haiti map and the Guyana map.

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