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Hansi Block-2 Map - Summary

If you want to download the Hansi Block-2 map of the Hisar district in Haryana state; in pdf, jpg, png, thumbnail, and more formats, then you can download the block map from here easily.
This map provides:-
National Highway
State Highways
Major Roads of the District
Village Roads
Main Canal
Railway Lines
Hansi city is known for its popular sweet peda which is made from milk and is sent to numerous other towns and cities for retail offering; Hansi is also famous for its Prithviraj Chauhan Fort also known as Asigarh Fortification is an old fort in Hansi that was built by the great Ruler of the Chauhan line, Prithviraj Chauhan.
The fortification is square-formed and is spread over a zone of almost 30 sections of land and has security posts in all four corners. You can save this map for later, and by using this map you can know more about the block easily.

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