Haryana Maps

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Haryana is a state in Northern India, located between the states of Punjab and Rajasthan. With an area of 44,212 square kilometers, it is the 20th largest state in India by area. The state is divided into 22 districts and has a population of over 28 million people. Haryana’s geography is characterized by a diverse landscape that includes the Aravalli Range, the Yamuna River, and the Thar Desert.

The Aravalli Range, a mountain range that spans across several states in India, runs through the northeastern part of Haryana. The Yamuna River, one of the largest rivers in India, forms the eastern boundary of the state. The Thar Desert, located in the western part of the state, is a hot and arid region that is home to several species of wildlife.

For travelers looking to explore Haryana’s geography and plan their itinerary, Haryana maps are an essential resource. A map of Haryana can provide an overview of the state’s road network, including major highways and smaller rural roads, as well as the locations of popular tourist destinations and landmarks. It can also help visitors plan their trips to the state’s many heritage sites, nature reserves, and religious centers.

Haryana maps are an indispensable tool for visitors looking to explore the state’s geography and plan their itinerary. Whether you’re looking to explore the state’s natural beauty or cultural heritage, a map of Haryana can help you make the most of your trip.