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If you are looking for the Haryana Assembly Constituency map in PDF, JPG, WEBP, PNG, and many other formats. You are in the right place, we are providing the Assembly Constituency map of Haryana. You can easily download the Haryana Assembly Constituency map by using the given link below.

The Haryana Assembly Constituency is comprised of constituent constituencies that are represented in the administrative assembly of the state of Haryana. This lower house of the state legislature, known as the Haryana Vidhan Sabha or Haryana Legislative Assembly, is composed of 90 members who are chosen for a term of five years.

These 90 assembly constituencies are spread over different districts of the state and each is represented by one part of the authoritative assembly (MLA). The boundaries of this voting public are decided by the Delimitation Commission of India after each census.

For instance, the Gurgaon district has four constituencies, counting Badshahpur, Gurgaon, Pataudi, and Sohna, whereas Rohtak district has six constituencies, such as Garhi-Sampla-Kiloi, Kalanaur, Meham, Rohtak, Sampla, and Jhajjar.

Political parties participating in the Haryana Vidhan Sabha decisions nominate their candidates to the voting public. The party that wins the majority of seats in the assembly forms the government, and the leader of the party becomes the Chief Minister of the state.

In conclusion, the Haryana assembly constituencies are vital in the state’s politics as they serve as the premise of representation for the people of the state in the legislative assembly. Elections held in these voting demographics decide the composition of the state government, and they have a coordinated impact on the policies and development of the state.

The Assembly Constituency map of Haryana helps you to know more about the Haryana state’s assembly constituency in detail. You can also check the Haryana tourist map and the Haryana road map.

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