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If you want to download the Rohtak district map of the Haryana state in pdf, jpg, png, thumbnail, and more, you can download the district map from here easily.
The Rohtak district is one of the 22 districts of the Haryana state in India, In 1824 the Rohtak district. was formed as a partitioned unit comprising Gohana, Kharkhoda-Mandothi, Rohtak, Beri, and Meham -Bhiwani tehsils. The Bahadurgarh territory shaped its eastern and Jhajjar its southern boundary.

Rohtak, a city within the state of Haryana, is a part of the National Capital Region now. It is famed for having the biggest cloth market in Asia.
It is additionally domestic to the most elevated number of dairies in India. The calm and wonderful excellence of the region normally attracts many visitors around the year.
This map shows the all blocks of the district, village boundaries, district boundaries, roads, drains, rivers, canals, and railways.
By using this map you will know more about the district in detail. You can easily save this map from here.

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