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The Pretense Valley Journey, too known as the “Child Trek,” may be a prevalent short trekking course in Ladakh, a locale within the northernmost portion of India. The journey takes you through the lovely and farther Pretense Valley, which is found to the west of Leh, the capital city of Ladakh.

The Pretense Valley Journey is generally simple and is ideal for those who are brief on time or are looking for beginner-level trekking involvement. The journey can be completed in fair 3-4 days and takes you through an assortment of scenes, counting little towns, grain areas, rough canyons, and limited gorges.

The beginning point of the journey is the town of Likir, which is found around 58 km from Leh. From there, you’ll journey to the town of Yangthang, passing through the excellent Likir Religious community and a few little towns along the way. The path is well-marked and moderately simple, with as it were many steep areas.

From Yangthang, the journey proceeds to the town of Hemis Shukpachan, passing through a wonderful glut and a few of little streams. Hemis Shukpachan is a beautiful village with conventional Ladakhi houses, a little cloister, and an excellent camping ground encompassed by apricot trees.

On the third day, the journey proceeds to the town of Tingmosgang, passing through the town of Ang and the celebrated Tingmosgang Religious community. Tingmosgang may be a notable town with a beautiful palace, a cloister, and several antiquated shortens.

The fourth day of the journey includes a brief climb to the town of Basgo, where you’ll investigate the old ruins of the Basgo Royal residence and the Basgo Cloister sometime recently returning to Leh.

The Pretense Valley Journey is an excellent and moderately simple trekking course that provides an awesome opportunity to investigate the dazzling scenes and wealthy social legacy of Ladakh. It is prescribed to attempt the trek with an experienced neighborhood guide who can give you detailed data approximately the route and the fundamental grants required for the trek

You can know more by using the Sham Valley map in detail about it. You can also check the Samruddhi Mahamarg Route map and the Tarsar Marsar Trek map.

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