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Telangana has a total of 119 assembly constituencies, each of which elects a Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) to represent the people of that constituency in the Telangana State Administrative Assembly. The gathering constituencies are spread over the 33 districts of the state.

The boundaries of the assembly constituencies are decided by the Delimitation Commission of India, which is tasked with redrawing the constituent boundaries in order to ensure a reasonable representation of the people. The final delimitation exercise was conducted in 2008, which resulted in the creation of unused voting demographics and the adjustment of existing ones.

The number of assembly constituencies in each district varies depending on the populace density and geographical zone of the locale. For illustration, Hyderabad, which is the most populous locale in Telangana, has 15 gathering constituencies, while a few of the littler areas have only one or two constituencies.

The decisions for the Telangana State Authoritative Assembly are held every five years, and the voters of each assembly constituency choose a representative for the assembly. The political party or consolidation that wins the larger part of the seats in the assembly shapes the government and the leader of the party becomes the Chief Minister of the state.

The assembly constituencies play a significant part in forming the political landscape of Telangana, as they represent the voices and conclusions of the individuals of the state. The representatives elected from each voting public work towards addressing the issues and concerns of their constituents, and play a key role in the development and advance of their respective districts.

The Telangana Assembly Constituencies map helps you to know more about the Telangana state’s assembly constituencies in detail. You can also check the Telangana tourism map and the Telangana road map.

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