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If you are looking for the Srikakulam district base map in PDF, PNG, JPG, and WEBP formats. You are in the right place, you can download the base map of the Srikakulam by using the link below.

Srikakulam is a district located in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. It is arranged in the northeastern portion of the state and is bordered by the Bay of Bengal to the east. The district contains a total region of 5,837 square kilometers and a populace of around 26 lakh individuals, according to the 2011 census.

Srikakulam district is divided into 38 mandals (administrative divisions) and has a few towns and villages. The district is known for its picturesque beaches, ancient temples, and wealthy social legacy.

Geography: Srikakulam is situated on the eastern coast of India and includes a coastline that extends for over 100 km along the Bay of Bengal. The district has a few rivers, counting the Nagavali, Vamsadhara, and Bahuda, which are important sources of water for irrigation and other purposes.

Culture: Srikakulam is known for its wealthy cultural heritage and has several old temples and monuments that attract visitors from all over India. Some of the popular temples in the district include the Sri Kurmam Temple, the Arasavalli Sun Sanctuary, and the Srikurmam Temple. The district is additionally known for its folk art and music, counting the conventional Kondakavulu and Garagalu dances.

Tourism: Srikakulam is a prevalent tourist destination and draws in guests for its picturesque beaches, notable sanctuaries, and common magnificence. A few of the well-known visitor attractions in the locale incorporate the Kalingapatnam Shoreline, the Srikurmam Temple, and the Baruva Beach. The district moreover has several wildlife havens, counting the Kolleru Fowl Haven and the Srikakulam Natural Life Sanctuary, which are home to a wide assortment of greenery and fauna.

Economy: Srikakulam’s economy is largely based on farming, with crops like paddy, sugarcane, and coconut being major contributors. The district is additionally known for its handicrafts, counting the popular Srikakulam wooden toys. In later years, the district has seen fast industrial growth, with several industries being set up in the region, counting material plants, nourishment preparing units, and pharmaceutical companies.

Transportation: Srikakulam is well-connected to other parts of Andhra Pradesh and neighboring states through road and rail transport. The closest airport is in Visakhapatnam, which is around 110 km away. The area features a great organization of streets and interstates, counting the National Highway 16, which passes through the district.

Srikakulam is a district with a wealthy social legacy, common excellence, and a growing economy, making it a well-known goal for tourists and a promising region for venture and business development.

The Srikakulam district base map helps you to know more about the district in detail. You can also check the Konaseema district map and the AP New district map.

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